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Iranian protestor injured, shot in leg

Rooftop Police Shooting Protestors - Claimed June 24

Makeshift Tehran Hospital Accepting Injured Protestors

Islamic Republic of Rape



The Islamic Republic of Iran Reality Check

The Iranian people are calling for help and much of the world either turns a deaf ear or feels it has its own priorities to worry about. Then, the horrors keep playing out, unabated, in the streets, prisons and dungeons of the Islamic Republic of Iran. A reality check.

A 19-year old beautiful Taraneh was not shot with a single bullet to her chest as was the case with Neda Soltani. There were no bystanders in the dungeon with a cell phone to capture the prolonged torture, rape, and sodomy of this teen-ager.

According to reports, as well as testimony on the House floor from the honorable U.S. Congressman McCotter, on June 28, 2009, Taraneh Mousavi, a young Iranian woman, was literally scooped off the streets without any provocation on her part and with no arrest warrant. This young woman was taken to one of the Islamists torture chambers where she was repeatedly brutalized, raped, and sodomized by Ahmadinejad’s agents and with the consent of the “supreme leader” Ali Khamenei.

Near death from repeated beating, raping and sodomizing, the fragile young woman, bleeding profusely from her rectum and womb, was transferred to a hospital in Karaj near Tehran. Eventually, an anonymous person notified Taraneh’s family that she had had an “accident” and had to be taken to the hospital.

The devastated family rushed to the hospital only to find no trace of their beloved daughter because, the gang of Islamic thugs, the foot-soldiers of Allah’s “divine representative” Ali Khamenei, decided to eliminate all traces of their savagery. These beasts of Allah removed the dying woman from the hospital before the family’s arrival, burned it beyond recognition and dumped her charred remains on the side of the road.

Taraneh means melody in Persian. According to her bereaved family and friends, true to her name, she used to sing with a beautiful warm voice and played the piano with skill. It is beyond imaginable cruelty to have her precious young life extinguished after an extended period of torture and rape.

Like Neda, another young woman, whose chest was ripped by the bullet of a murdering Islamist as she peacefully walked along with a throng of peaceful demonstrators, Taraneh’s tragedy gives a glimpse of the true face of Islamic fascism and its brutality. The Taranehs and Nedas of Iran shall remain as eternal testaments to the depravity of Islamic fascism and the horrors it has visited on innocent people. And these young victims of the Islamic tyranny are by no means isolated cases. Tragically, women as a gender bear the brunt of Islamic misogyny. Women are systematically exploited, maltreated and disenfranchised from their God-given rights.

How did Taraneh end up in the hands of the Islamist murderers? According to reliable reports, the 19-year-old Taraneh Mousavi, was among hundreds arrested on June 28, 2009 in Iran's post-election aftermath. She was standing outside her school when she was arrested, along with a group of about 14 others, blindfolded and taken to an interrogation and torture center.

Witnesses present at the scene have reported that the basijis militia—hired government thugs--were giving the exceptionally beautiful Taraneh a particularly hard time. When the other detainees were allowed to contact their families and she was not, she sensed there would be trouble and gave her parents’ telephone number to a few of the women there who in turn contacted her family after being released.

Our great Zoroaster, the luminous ancient prophet of Persia, spoke of the ongoing battle between the forces of good under Ahuramazda—God, and the forces of evil directed by Ahriman—the Satan. Zoroaster warned us not to fall for the enticements or be deceived by the machinations of Ahriman. He further informed us that evil can be recognized by the deeds of its people; people who would oppose the precepts of Ahuramazda.

The savage Islamists killed the magnificent child-woman Taraneh, after a long period of tortuous imprisonment and rape. By killing her, the agents of evil aimed to silence freedom loving Iranians. But assuredly they can never kill freedom. They only kill the body, but the spirit of freedom lives on.

According to the Islamic Sharia practiced by the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is impermissible to execute a woman if she is virgin. A handy excuse for the torture savages to satisfy their beastly lust by arranging a "wedding" ceremony before the eventual execution of the victim. The female prisoner is forced to consummate the “marriage” by submitting sexually to one of the chosen jail-keepers. A virgin woman gets forcibly raped before being hanged. This is yet another gift from Islam to humanity!

Lest reports of horrific mistreatment of innocent prisoners of conscience be taken as baseless rumors and innuendoes, in a letter dated June 12, 2009, a Presidential candidate, Mehdi Karoobi, explicitly states the violations. The letter addressed to the head of the Assembly of Experts on Leadership—the highest body of the ruling gang of clerics—Karoobi demands that an impartial commission be appointed to investigate the torture and rape reports of detainees, both women as well as men.

Mr. Karoobi writes: “I do not think that prisoners in the pre-revolution regime (i.e. the Shah’s) had seen or heard of such crimes. Some detained individuals have reported such savage rapes that have left the women victims with physical scars and ruptures in their reproductive systems. At the same time, young imprisoned boys have been raped in such atrocious ways causing them depression, physical and psychological pain, leading to their complete withdrawal from everybody.”

The Islamists’ ruling Iran—the curse of Allah—heartlessly hang gays on the grounds that same sex relationship is a capital offense according to the Islamic ethos. Yet, these same beasts gang-rape innocent young men in their medieval dungeons, after having arrested them for participating in peaceful demonstrations.

The horrors visited on innocent Iranian detainees by the goons of the Islamic Republic with the consent of the head-criminal, Ali Khamenei, and the orders of the brutal “President” Ahmadinejad, make every decent human shudder with revulsion. It is sadly reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The Nazi’s use of piano wires for nooses to torment maximally their victims by slow death has been matched by the Islamist Fascists’ resort to sexual brutalization that eventuates in death.

Freedom-lovers and decent humans like Taraneh and Neda, like millions of others, did not believe that a murdering Islamist Ahmadinejad was their President. They did not approve of his rabid attacks on Israel, demanding its eradication; they did not condone his largess on Islamist terrorists such as Hizbollah and Hamas; they did not want religious minorities, such as Baha’is, to be deprived of their rights of citizenship simply because they did not belief in his religious zealotry; they did not want to live as second class citizens because of their gender.

Tragically, there are people in position of power who turn a blind eye to these horrors with their sole concern for their own self-interests. When Robert Gibbs, spokesman for the White House, shamelessly declares that Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the fraud, is the elected President of Iran, one wonders about Gibbs’ humaneness. How would Gibbs feel if Taraneh was his daughter and Ahmadinejad had her blood on his hands? Would Gibbs, or for that matter President Obama, call this murderer Ahmadinejad, a duly-elected President worthy of shaking his blood-stained hand?

Reality check shows that fascism is being practiced once again, this time in Iran, and once again, many powerful people such as Gibbs of the White house and Ban of the United Nations fail not only to express their condemnation, they proceed by bestowing legitimacy on the murderers and their rule.

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Is Democracy the Killer of Liberty?

I repeat: Is democracy the killer of liberty? The dictionary defines democracy as the rule of the people. Even at its best, “democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest,” according to Winston Churchill.

Is democracy a very bad form of government? Does it hold the threat of destroying humanity’s most precious right – liberty? Here are some things to think about.

In the so-called democratic societies, a semblance of democracy hobbles along with fits and starts, always on the verge of complete subversion and collapse. For instance, the Western democracies are representative democracies where the ordinary citizens do not rule. A representative democracy is, in effect, a plutocracy where moneyed people and powerful interest groups rule.

The society’s rulers form a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid, we have the closest thing to democracy. The individual citizen has some sway on the locally elected officials such as the sheriff, the mayor, the city councilman, and the like. As we go up the pyramid, the voice of the individual citizen diminishes while the influence of money and power groups expands.

It is a fact that, without funds, one cannot even run for the city’s dogcatcher. At the very least, the aspiring candidate needs money for posters or some handbills to make himself known to the electorate and argue why they should elect him and not his opponent.

Never mind the post of the city’s dogcatcher. How about seeking to be the mayor of New York City? Michael Bloomberg is presently running for election to his third term as the mayor of the city. This man is reportedly the 17th wealthiest person in the world. He spent $73 million of his own money on his first term campaign ad and apparently he is spending at least $18.5 million of his own funds again for a third mayoral term in 2009 campaign.

Is Bloomberg, one of the greatest mavens of business, a fool to spend that kind of money for a post that doesn’t pay even a fraction of what he is spending? No. He is not a fool. In fact, he is probably one of the best people running for a public office. That’s beside the point. The point is that it takes huge amounts of money to become a part of the pyramid. And not everyone is a Michael Bloomberg with a very deep pocket and the willingness to tap it.

Bottom line: If you aspire to become a part of the ruling pyramid, you require funds commensurate with the position you seek. Unless you are a Michael Bloomberg, you need others to pony up with the dough. And people don’t part with their money unless they get something for it in return. It is here that big money and interest groups come forward and deal-making takes place. In the process, the ordinary independent citizen is basically left out. The voter is presented with a choice between two equally purchased candidates or not voting at all. And you can see why so many people refuse to exercise their precious right of voting in elections.

This is bad enough. But, there is more danger in the wings. Equal to the corruptive role of money is block-voting. A combination of money and block-voting is the certain death knell of liberty. In a democracy, when a large number of people, motivated by an ideology or a common goal, marry their wallets with their votes, then liberty can be subverted and eventually completely wiped out. And that’s exactly what Islam is doing in much of the world.

Reinvigorated Islam, flush with trillions of oil money, mostly from the pockets of the oblivious and uncaring “infidel” nations, is extinguishing the flames of liberty as it moves toward imposing the monolithic Islamic Sharia on lands near and far. The stone-age rule of Sharia is not limited to the ranks of the ever-swelling faithful, but encompasses all others.

The very word "Islam" is derived from the root word of “taslim,” which means submission, submission to the will and dictates of Allah as stipulated by Muhammad and elucidated by the medieval Islamic clerics.

Free people withstood the assaults of tyrannies such as fascism and communism and paid dearly in preserving liberty. Now, liberty is once again in mortal danger. This time, it’s from Islam. And democracy is indeed a great potential friend of the enemy.

As I mentioned earlier, money and powerful interest groups play the critical role in a representative democracy. Islam has them both and is using them both. In the traditionally democratic societies such as those of Europe, Canada, and the United States, wave after wave of Muslim immigrants are forming powerful blocks of voters. With virtually unlimited funds, these immigrant communities are running deep roots in towns and cities of the host countries and influencing the staffing of the governance pyramid.

In a democracy, a politician’s first and foremost priority is to get elected. Once elected, his highest priority is to get reelected. The imperative of getting elected makes, per force, the politician a representative of the forces that bring and keep him in office.

Unfortunately, there are about one and a half billion people deeply entrenched in many democracies, including the United States, who are enemies of democracy and devotees of Ummahism –the Islamic theocracy, theocracy of the kind that rules in places such as Saudi Arabia – a Sunni version—and Iran – a Shi’a’ version. It is a fact that in Islamic societies liberty is dead. The individual is a vessel of the state and the state is the executor of the suffocating Sharia law.

Less my warning be seen as the unwarranted rants of an alarmist, all one needs is to observe what is already happening in these newly Muslim-invaded lands. Sharia law is already in effect in many places in Europe. Significant numbers of indigenous Europeans are either fleeing to other lands or are so hopeless regarding their way of life that they refrain from having children. Even in the United States and Canada, the bulging Muslim populations are more and more aggressively pressing for adoption of the Sharia law.

Demographic changes in a democracy play a critical role in shaping the society. For example, only a couple of hundred thousand Muslims lived in the U.S. only two decades ago. By 2008, the number has swelled to seven to nine million. Once the numbers are wedded to the deep pockets of the Wahhabi and Shi’a paymaster, the fate of freedom is in serious jeopardy.

Democracy is the guardian of liberty. Imbedded in democracy are provisions that can make it implode from within. Democracy also has its own guardian: A resolutely vigilant, proactive and ethical citizenry.

What can be done? Is there a way of resisting and reversing the imminent coming Islamic assault on our most cherished right of liberty? Here are some suggestions.

* Become an active worker of liberty, instead of a passive non-caring devil-may-care nihilists. Many Europeans are already paying the price of non-caring complacency as Islam is rapidly gaining greater and greater power and casting its suffocating pall on their lives.

* Interact with Muslims in your locality and try to wean them away from Islam by pointing out how the Quran and the clergy are enslaving them in a defunct ideology of intolerance, backwardness and death.

* Use the political process, while it is still responsive to the demands and wishes of freedom-loving people, by supporting laws that guard freedom and reject those that infringe on liberty.

* Actively support political candidates who are deeply committed to the tenets of freedom.

* Run for office, any office. Encourage your friends and other liberty advocates to pitch in and help in any way they can.

* Hold to account those politicians who sell themselves to the Islamists and promote Islam. These for-hire politicians will do anything they can to keep their position and benefit from the generous financial backing of the Islamists.

* Be an active educator by informing others about the creeping danger of Islamism. Islamism is seriously eroding the very foundation of liberty by a variety of means. Powerful moneyed Islamic organizations threaten anyone who dares to criticize Islam with ruinous lawsuits and even death.

* Resist the flourishing of mosques and Islamic schools. Mosques and Islamic schools are not for worshiping a loving God and for enlightening minds. They are incubators of Islamic bigotry and myopia.

* Contribute money, small or large amounts, to causes and individuals who are fighting to preserve liberty. As the old saying goes, freedom is not free.

In short, liberty is your most prized possession and democracy is the shield that protects it. Yet, this shield of democracy is vulnerable and needs to be repaired and strengthened on a regular basis. I am calling on you, the individual freedom-loving person, to play your part in the defense of freedom, not only for your own sake, but also for mine and all others who cherish this precious blessing of life.

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A Salute to Champions of Liberty

Geert Wilders, an outspoken politician and chairman of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands who produced a 16 minute-long movie “FITNA,” has been accused of Islamophobia and refused entry to the UK by immigration authorities after arriving at Heathrow airport in London. UK Independence party peer, Lord Pearson, had invited him to show his controversial film “Fitna,” which links Quran to terrorism, at the House of Lords.

The 16-minute documentary which juxtaposes passages of the Quran with the mass murder of 9/11 and other acts by radical Muslims was released to the Internet on March 27, 2008. It immediately sparked Muslims’ condemnation. They argued he is twisting selected passages from the Quran to suit his argument in the same way that extremists do to promote terrorism. In his short film, he presented the following passages from the Quran. You be the judge:

Al-Anfal 8.60 “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.”

An-Nisa 4.56 "Those who have disbelieved our signs, we shall roast them in fire. Whenever their skins are cooked to a turn, we shall substitute new skins for them, that they may feel the punishment; Verily Allah is sublime and wise."

Muhammad 47.4 “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens. Thus (are ye commanded): but if it had been Allah's Will, He could certainly have exacted retribution from them (Himself); but (He lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others. But those who are slain in the Way of Allah, - He will never let their deeds be lost.”

An-Nisa 4.89 “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

Al-Anfal 8.39 “Fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily Allah doth see all that they do.”

Regrettably, a court in his hometown, Amsterdam, ruled that he should be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred, though Wilders has appealed against the decision since he was exercising his free speech. The film's title comes from the Arabic word ‘Fitna’, which can simultaneously mean: a schism, secession, upheaval and anarchy.

The Dutch politician arrived in the U.S. last Thursday to show his controversial film “Fitna” and meet with lawmakers in Washington. He also appeared last Friday at a banquet in the Omni-Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. The event was organized by the lovely, fearless, true American patriot, Pamela Geller, from the well-known blog Atlas Shrugs. Other honorable and distinguished individuals who assisted Pamela with financing the event were Dr. Andrew Bostom, Robert Spencer and David Horowitz.

Wilders gave a phenomenal speech about freedom of speech at the ballroom. Wilders is correct in his assertion about Islam in Europe. The Muslims' killing campaign did not end with their defeat at the gates of Vienna. Their eviction from Spain was a temporary forced retreat. But now the Muslims have, in huge numbers, penetrated the gates of every city and town of Europe without yet having to use their swords.

In Europe, the gullible, self-indulging native non-Muslims have welcomed the arrivals as a great opportunity for multiculturalism and perhaps a source of cheap labor to serve their needs for a life devoted to self-gratification with little concern for the future. Europe is living on credit, and the creditors are hordes of Muslims who have already started delivering their bills.

Many affluent Europeans who see the handwriting on the wall are packing and moving to North America, Australia, and other seemingly safe lands. Yet the Muslims’ bills, with compounded interest, shall continue to be delivered to those who remain behind. In response, politicians will keep bending backwards to placate the evermore powerful creditors by gradually instituting the Islamic Sharia as the law of the land. Before very long, Europe will have to turn its deed over to the new Islamic invaders or rebel and fight block by block, city by city. That’s when Europe shall bleed, once again.

Life is precious. It is to be protected, nurtured and celebrated. Mankind is moving, perhaps at a glacier pace, toward reconciliation, ever-expanding inclusiveness without any group or ideology imposing itself on others. Any attempt against this trend of unity in diversity is doomed to failure, as exemplified by the demise of fascism and communism.

The charter of Quran for most parts preaches discrimination, death and imposition of its dogma on everyone. Islam, just like fascism and communism, is a dysfunctional ideology that needs to be abandoned. Humanity has matured considerably since the time of Muhammad. In order to continue its forward march, mankind must follow a roadmap appropriate for its age and state of development. It is foolish to insist that a book written over 1400 years ago must serve as the one and only guide for humanity.

Reforming Islam is unfortunately not a realistic possibility. About the only universal agreement that exists among Islamic authorities is that every word of the Quran is the word of Allah and is not subject to human modification, ever. The ‘Hadith’ also enjoys a similar sacrosanct standing. And of course, the faithful Muhammad’s conduct as recorded in the Sunna is the model to be emulated. Hence, one can pick and choose, but one cannot discard or revise any part of the scripture. For this reason, a Martin Luther type reformation has not happened and will not likely ever happen within Islam.

Sell hate and people queue several blocks to buy. Sell love and you will be mostly by your lonely self. Is this a cynical view? No, it is a realistic one. It describes a human’s lower and primitive nature which must be painstakingly overcome through persistent education and awakening of man’s higher nature.

It is heartening to see that there are people such as Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Dr. Ali Sina, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish and many others who cherish liberty as humanity's most precious treasure and risk their lives to defend it against the surging monolithic Islamism. I salute these valiant people and call upon the free people of the world over to swell their ranks and reverse the deadly tide of Islamofascism.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Iran's Supreme Leader Personally Ordered Death Squads

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

An explosive Iranian government dossier reveals that Iran’s most senior official, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, personally ordered the murders of hundreds of opposition activists and intellectuals. In addition, then-president Mohammad Khatami, whom the West considered a moderate, helped cover up the regime’s deadly deeds, according to the documents, which were leaked to a domestic opposition group.

The revelations come as the Obama administration has repeated its calls for “negotiations without preconditions” with the Islamic Republic of Iran leadership, and amid reports that former Defense Secretary William Perry has been discussing security-related issues with senior Iranian officials on Obama’s behalf.

They also come after Khatami stated that he is contemplating another run for president this spring against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Khatami was president for two terms, from 1997-2005. He was elected as a reformer but after a brief period of press freedom, his government shuttered newspapers and spearheaded a crackdown on dissent, including the violent quashing of the student rebellion in July 1999.

Since the revelations of his complicity in the coverup of the killings surfaced in the Persian-language media, Khatami has indicated that he might not become a candidate this year.

In releasing its 138-page report in Persian, the opposition Marze Por Gohar party said the documents reveal the government’s fear that Western powers might overthrow the regime by sparking civil disobedience and mass protests.

The documents “show that the Islamic leaders themselves view their victory in the 1979 revolution as the culmination of a velvet revolution and are still very sensitive that the same process that toppled the shah and brought the mullahs to power could be repeated, this time against the mullahs,” the Marze Por Gohar (MPG) report says.

The assassination of political dissidents “was routine, and has been ongoing for years,” the report states. “There has been no period of time during which the regime has been idle and has not assassinated some targeted group. This includes today.”

Although international human rights organizations have known for years that the Iranian government regularly sends hit teams to eliminate dissidents, this is the first time that direct, documentary evidence alleges that the supreme leader personally ordered these killings and ties key politicians, such as Khatami, from the ostensibly pro-Western faction, to the murders.

The military court compiled the sprawling dossier summarized in the MPG report during the court’s investigation of the 1998 “serial murders” of Iranian dissidents Daryoush and Parvaneh Forouhar and others.

The Forouhars were murdered in their home and their bodies were mutilated by government intelligence officers acting on direct, explicit orders from their superiors, the documents show. Two days later, the same hit team assassinated human rights activist Mohammad Mokhtari and writer Mohammad Ja’afar Pooyandeh.

The Iranian government continues to claim that a rogue faction within the Ministry of Information and Security carried out the murders, and it briefly jailed some deemed responsible.

After extensive criticism from family members and their lawyers, who boycotted the open court sessions because they were not allowed to see the evidence, the regime granted them access in December 2000 to the military court’s investigative files.

However, they were given just 10 days to review the court files and voluminous interrogation transcripts, and were not allowed to make photocopies. Instead, they took detailed notes and in some cases made exact, hand-written copies of the most important documents, including the lengthy confessions of the assassins.

Some lawyers and family members have commented about what they learned, without referring to specific documents in the military court dossier.

Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning lawyer who represented the Forouhar family and was given access to the military court’s investigation reports, says the security ministry operatives the government accused of being “rogue” agents didn’t understand why they were put in jail.

“Some of the accused showed surprise during their interrogations and asked why they were being tried,” she said. The leader of the hit team told the court to “go and look at my paycheck stub . . . That night [the night of the murders] you paid me overtime.”

Abdol-Karim Lahiji, a human rights lawyer based in Paris who also represented victims’ family members, said, “None of these assassinations could have taken place without religious edicts and orders” from the top leadership.

He warned the son and daughter of the Forouhars “not to delude themselves: The Islamic Republic is not the kind of regime that would actually punish the perpetrators of these murders.”

In June 2001, Parastoo Forouhar, the daughter of the slain political leaders, wrote to Hossein Ansari-rad, the chairman of a special parliamentary committee established to review the investigation, to complain about missing evidence and other irregularities.

The interrogation transcripts of the two main ringleaders, Mehrdad Alikhani and Mostafa Kazemi, were “in the shape of long-winded statements in the style of a novel, not in the usual interrogative style,” she wrote.

“Those who are familiar with the technical issues of such investigations will recognize such statements when the accused and the interrogator have reached an ‘understanding’,” she said.

In his reply, Ansari-rad said his committee was forced to shut down its own inquiry because the evidence “led to some persons the parliament is not allowed to question.”

Under the Islamic Republic constitution, Parliament can question government ministers, and even remove the president, says MPG founder Roozbeh Farahanipour. “The only person it cannot question is the supreme leader.”

In the excerpts quoted in the MPG report, the statements of Alikhani and Kazemi, whose bosses at the intelligence ministry called them “specialists” — are damning.

Alikhani describes how he would select, kidnap, and execute dissidents to fulfill an annual quota for extrajudicial killings that the security ministry gave him.

Kazemi, who was Alikhani’s direct boss, acknowledged that he ordered the murder of hundreds of dissidents in Fars province and in Tehran the previous 18 years as an official with the Revolutionary Guards Corps and later, the security ministry.

Kazemi also stated that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei sanctioned the murders by issuing a fatwa, or religious edict, and that the supposedly reformist intelligence minister, Hojjat-ol eslam Dorri Najafabadi, took an active role in the assassination plots.

In the transcript, Kazemi referred to Khamenei as “Agha,” a term that means “sir” in Persian but is used exclusively when speaking about a government official in Iran today to mean Khamenei.

Dorri Najafabadi, Khatami’s appointee as intelligence minister, was never accused of a crime and now is prosecutor general, the equivalent of attorney general.

In releasing its report, Marze Por Gohar made its own political motives clear. “The new generation must strongly distance itself from the existing tradition among opposition groups of only defending those victims of the Islamic Republic who are close to their own ideology of type of activities,” the group said in its preface to the report.

“The regime always conducts its strikes in a focused way, leading others to think they are safe until their turn comes.” This has led dissidents to “refuse to defend those under attack, and sometimes consider it as a convenient event for them, watching their rivals being eliminated by someone else.”

MPG notes that the intelligence ministry still has an annual quota of political assassinations but often allows field operatives and lower-level officials to choose the targets.

“MPG emphasizes the need to publicize all regime atrocities and all secrets in a quick and timely manner,” the report says. “Saving lives should be at the forefront of everyone’s concern, taking precedence over smaller and more selfish agendas . . . The best revenge is saving lives.”

Joining Farahanipour in founding MPG were others involved in the July 1999 student uprising in Tehran. The group calls itself “Iranians for a Secular Republic” in the English version of its Web site.

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Good Hate, Bad Love

“Love” is thought as virtue, while “hate” is considered vice. But not all forms of love are good and not all hates are bad. If you love to set buildings on fire, molest children, or steal, these are obviously bad loves. If you hate racism, sexism or injustices of all sorts, then these are good hates.

Time and again, in response for exposing Islam for what it is, Islamists simply retort by calling me hatemonger instead of refuting my assertions.

Hence, I am bringing my case to the fair-minded public to judge. I disapprove a great deal about Islam, its founder, its theology, and the crimes it has perpetrated throughout its history, past and present.

Islam is the creation of one man, Muhammad. The man claimed he was visited many times by jinns. He also claimed that the angel Gabriel commissioned him as the emissary of the Lord of the Lords, the one and only creator of the entire universe, Allah.

Muhammad was ridiculed for reporting his nonsensical revelations (hallucinations) from Allah as an “insane poet.” His own people, the Qurish tribe, custodians of the idolatry of Mecca, eventually laughed Muhammad out of town. Yet, the illiterate Muhammad persisted in his claim and revealed the Quran in bits and pieces over some twenty years.

Islam’s rules of conduct as encapsulated in the Sharia are based on the Quran and the life of the Prophet himself. Even a cursory examination of the Quran clearly demonstrates its confused verbiage, contradictions, and primitive provisions that can hardly be word-for-word dictates of the one and only all-knowing and all-wise creator of the universe, as Muhammad claimed and Muslims blindly believe. The Quran and the Sharia are nothing more than the products of the thinking and way of life of the Arabian Peninsula of long ago, with sprinklings from the Torah and the New Testament.

Islam considers itself the only and final valid religion. It allows a bit of tolerance for the “people of the book,” Jews and Christians, and none for billions of others with different religions or no religion at all.

Islam is a cult and not a religion. It meets all the criteria of cultism by imprisoning its adherents, by dictating to them every detail of their lives, and by condemning any member to the death of apostasy for daring to leave its fold.

So, here is a short list of Islamic beliefs and practices that I abhor. In my view, it is good to hate them and demonic to love them.

* Islam has a caste system with the male believer on top, the female believer next in rank, followed by the male slave believer, and finally the female slave believer. I simply reject slavery, as well as stratifying people and firmly believe in equality for all.

* Islam is a misogynist cult where women are chattel. “Al-rejalo ghavamoon ala-alnesa,” men are rulers of women, asserts the Quran -- one of hundreds of Islamic rulings that relegate women to subservience by the virtue of their gender. Men are allowed four regular wives and numberless temporary ones, while any woman having liaison with another man is automatically condemned to death by stoning.

* Education is a sin for the true believers, particularly for women. It is in eradicating this sin that the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan have systematically destroyed thousands of schools. To keep females away from schools, true believers raze schoolhouses to the ground and splash acid on the face of the females daring to head for school.

* Freedom in all its forms, highly prized by free people, is taboo in Islam. The duty of the true believer is to completely surrender his humanness and will to the will of Allah as required in the Quran and dictated by the clergy.

* Islam’s justice system itself is criminal. Just a few examples should suffice here. In the court of law, a woman’s testimony counts as one-half of that of a man; the due process is either absent or perfunctory; thieves are subjected to amputation of limbs; minors and homosexuals are executed; adulterers are stoned to death; apostates are executed and the families of the victims are forced to pay for the bullets that murdered their loved-ones.

* Under Islam, collusion between the mosque and the state makes for dehumanization of the citizenry. Any and all oppositions, be they religious, political, or otherwise are brutally suppressed. The Islamic Republic of Iran, for instance, carried out summary execution of tens of thousands of opposition and dumped their bodies in mass grave in khavaran, outside of Tehran, without even allowing the families of the victim to perform the burial rite.

* Islam’s war is not limited to the living. Anything and everything that is non-Islamic is systematically subjected to elimination and destruction. Just two examples: the Buddha statues in Bamyan were dynamited by the Taliban of Afghanistan, while the cemeteries of the Baha’is in Iran are bulldozed by the Islamic Republic’s thugs.

* Islamic clerics believe it their right to execute people they consider heretics and place bounties on the heads of those their bloody hands cannot reach. Salman Rushdie is one of the widely known cases.

* Slaveholder Islam is not content to limit its inhuman barbaric system to its traditional homelands. It has penetrated millions of adherents throughout Europe, America, and much of the world. Many of the new arrivals from the failed Islamic states do not realize that it is Islam that is the root cause of their centuries of backwardness and misery. These imprinted-from-birth Muslims are robots who are programmed to do all they can in obedience to the dictates of Muhammad’s Mein Kempf, the Quran (My Ummah).

Beliefs are impetus to action. Islamic belief is the cause of the misery visited upon Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Islam’s dogma is anathema to every provision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If you love the Islamic terror manual, the Quran, and what it perpetrates, that’s bad love. If you hate all the terrible things that Islam advocates and carries out, that’s good hate.

Muslims, the world over, must make a Herculean effort to de-program themselves of the barbaric ideology of Islam; the free people should assist the Muslims in this endeavor and together we can all embrace the promptings of good hate and reject the dictates of bad love.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Islam Demands Surrender

What’s in a name? A great deal. Democracy, fascism, and communism represent different systems of government. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are also titles for different religious systems.

Whereas democracy is defined as the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, Islam is defined as the rule of Allah, by Allah and his emissaries, for the pleasure of Allah. And when people, out of concern for political correctness or ignorance, describe Islam as a religion of peace, they are, at the very least, guilty of misrepresenting it.

The word “Islam,” is derived from the word “taslim,” which means surrender. The word for peace is not “taslim,” but it is “solh.” Hence, when Muslims behave in violent barbaric ways, they are only doing so in obedience to the dictates of their creed. They are surrendering and sacrificing anything and everything in service to the will and pleasure of Allah, as they see it.

Of course, not every Muslim surrenders fully to the will of Allah. The great majority of Muslims are only partial Muslims. They may say their daily obligatory prayers, they may tithe some, and they may keep the fast from time to time. Yet, they may also have a few drinks now and then, and do many things that they are not supposed to do.

But Islam can be a “forgiving” religion, specifically for the male. If you neglect to say your prayers or you simply don’t want to, you can hire someone, preferably an imam or a mullah, to pray on your behalf. Going to the Hajj is too onerous and takes you away from the pleasures and comforts of your life? You can deputize someone else to go in your stead. You have a few drinks of the forbidden brew and it is time to say your prayer? Simply rinse your mouth and go ahead with praying. But, always remember the will of Allah and serve him. Do your duties to vanquish the unbelievers, promote the rule of the Shari’a, and make the earth Allah’s.

If only the masses of Muslims arise and carry out the orders of Allah, then we would have the promised paradise of Islam on earth as exemplified by such rules as that of the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, and of course the Shiite nirvana of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In these model Islamic societies, freedom of expression, worship, and assembly are taken away. Women are treated as chattel. Young girls are subjected to barbaric genital mutilation to make them sex slaves and birth channels without the ability to enjoy intercourse. Minors are executed, adulterers are stoned to death, thieves have their limbs amputated, and much much more. Isn’t that everyone’s idea of paradise?

This misogynist religion of Allah is custom-made for the savage male. A faithful follower of Allah is allowed to have as many as four permanent wives – and replace any of them at any time he wants -- as well as an unlimited number of one-night or one-hour-standers that he can afford to rent. But, woe unto a woman if she even has a single love affair with another man. Nothing less than death by stoning is her just punishment.

The partial-Muslims are seemingly harmless, may appear normal, and are under the radar. What gets our attention is the die-hard, the real Muslims who are a small minority. Yet this virulent combative minority is campaigning simultaneously on two major fronts. It works to herd the partial-Muslim majority into its fold and vanquish all other non-believers by any and all means.

It is prudent to keep in mind that all important events in the history of humanity have been instigated by either an individual or a small group. These individuals or groups have been the sheep-dogs that have directed the movements and activities of the masses, the sheep.

This is exactly what the real Muslims, the Islamists, are doing in the world today. It is suicidal to dismiss the Islamists as a bunch of zealots of no consequences or as a fringe group that will burn itself out. Sadly enough, it is the bulk of the Muslims that pundits portray as “peaceful” who is either irrelevant or often serves as an instrument in the hands of the Islamists. A couple of examples from recent history conclusively prove the point that it is the fanatical minorities that launch and implement campaigns that inflict immense suffering on the larger society.

In the 1930s, very few Germans were Nazis, but many basked in the resurgence of German pride and many others were too busy with their own lives to care. Thus, Germany presented a wide-open unchallenged opportunity for the Nazis to push forward their agenda and gather power to a point that it was too late for any other force to stem their tide.

And we all know what suffering this gang of radical supremacists inflicted on millions of people before their own demise.

The Khomeinism of Iran was started by a band of Shiite fanatics who rode the tide of opposition to the rule of the Shah and promised the masses the Islamic nirvana. No sooner had the Khomeinists ascended to power than they made the entire nation captive by murdering tens of thousands of the complacent and the late-to-awaken opposition, imprisoning and torturing untold thousands more, and creating a state of Islamic menace that threatens the entire free world.

The fact is that too many die-hard Islamists continue leaving the failed Islamic states and settling in the lands of the Kafir. These new arrivals bring with them the deeply engrained hatred of the infidels and believe that they are indeed the rightful owner of the entire earth and all other non-Muslims are mere squatters that must be either subjugated or eliminated all together.

In this relentless campaign, the Islamists have a vast cadre of “experts,” “talking heads,” and for-purchase politicians who keep endlessly broadcasting the false mantra that Islam is religion of peace. This latter bunch is criminally complicit in making the populace complacent and furthering the work of the Islamists.

Islam may be a religion of peace. It is the kind of peace imbedded in its very name: Surrender. Free people shouldn’t be cowed by the Islamist savages and should take into account their accomplices who are shamelessly deceiving the public regarding the true nature of Islam

Islam demands surrender of all that free people cherish and hold sacred. It is Islam, a pathological doctrine and a vestige of long ago barbarism that must surrender to the wholesome principles of freedom and free people.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Iranian students did not volunteer for martyrdom against Israel!

Iranian students did not volunteer for martyrdom against Israel!
Tina Ehrami
by Tina Ehrami

This is a message of the Iranian Student Movement for Freedom

Sazman SAMAN 1360

The Iranian regime recently claimed that over 70,000 students signed up for martyrdom operations against Israel. We believe that Israel has as much right to exist as Iran does, that the United States does, that any other nation in the world does, and that is our final answer as a people and as students in Iran.

This weak and disgraceful attempt by the Iranian regime to stain the reputation of Iranian students and honor, claiming that the Iranian students are signing up to become martyrs, is yet another attempt by the Iranian regime to force the world into believing that the Iranian people support the Islamic regime’s global terror.

Iranian students, as the rest of the Iranian population, are a hostage of this regime. We are fighting for our rights and freedom from within a harsh and brutal prison. The regime controls our newspapers, our day to day life, our votes, and our unviersities. But they can not silence our voice or our desire to be free.

Those which the Iranian regime refers to as "Iranian students signing up for martyrdom" are no more than trained anti-Persian terrorists who have been purposely inflitrated and planted during the years in Iranian schools and universities across Iran to oversee student activities and to stop Iranian university students from their constant demand and call for freedom and justice through various ongoing demonstrations held by our university students across Iran.

Furthermore, there have been a number of these thugs whom we do not recognize as being university students. Those well- paid thugs which the Iranian regime claims have signed up for martyrdom against Israel are no more “Iranian students” than Hamas and Hizbollah terrorist thugs are "freedom fighters".

A regime which fabricates political events in Iran in order to select an anti-Persian thug like Ahmadinejad as the speaker of the Iranian people and sells him to the world as the "democratically elected" speaker of the Iranian people is very well capable of producing a list of 70,000 or 700,000 for that matter of martyrs in the name of “Iranian students”.

These so- called disputed 70,000 martyrs are among those who were entered in Iranian universities by the Iranian government itself without any proper educational background merit. Most- if not all- are with little education except for the one they received in Islamic madrassa (schools) or terror training camps.

These thugs are trained to specifically disrupt the education process in Iran and Iranian universities. They are trained to infiltrate student movement organizations, and to observe, spy, report and harass the Iranian students. They are trained to specifically abuse female students and discourage the Iranian female student population across Iran from attending universities due to lack of security and concern for safety for their life. These trained terrorists placed in universities across Iran by the Iranian regime have the task of disgracing the name of “student and education” with the goal of putting an end to all student demands and calls for individual rights, along with student rights, justice, democracy, and calls for better education, safety, and conditions in the Iranian universities.

The ultimate goal of the Iranian regime is to terminate higher education in Iran and turn every University in Iran into a "graveyard" or an Islamic Madrassa with the mentality of the dark ages.

The Iranian regime has an elaborate and ambitious policy to one day turn Iran into a big jihadist nation against the entire non-muslim world. This is a systematic elimination of conscience, empathy, and of clear reasoning. It is being implemented by the Iranian regime across the nation through various tactics, from the use of force, fear and the introduction of the most dangerous addictive drugs known to mankind.

Their policy are the same tactics which Hitler’s SS and the Nazis used to advance their vision of a new Germany and the world. That same strategy is used by the Iranian regime and what Iranian students are faced with and are fighting against on a daily basis without any moral support from the rest of the world.

One must ask oneself why it is that the Iranian regime goes to such extend to distant the people of Iran further from the rest of the world? Maybe it is because the Iranian regime knows once the people of Iran connect to the rest of the world it is all over for this regime.

A real academic student in Iran will never involve herself/himself in anything having to do with terror or death. And a real education seeking student in Iran will never side with policies of hate promoted by the Iranian regime. No conspiracy of any kind can defeat this rising Persian spirit: Long live freedom and life!
Sazman SAMAN 1360 / Iranian Student Movement for Freedom
Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Friday, January 02, 2009

Islamism is to Religion as Sadism is to Human

It is not about God or love, it is about control and domination--just as Sadism is not about human intercourse or love, it is about control, torture, punishment and domination.

Why else name a so-called religion "submission?" Islam seeks nothing less than a total global domination. The word Islam literally means “Taslim,” (submission) or just “surrender”, the kind that comes by force and fraud. Its scripture must be taken literally; its provisions are intended to dominate every waking moment in the life of a believer. There is no room for being a half-hearted Muslim and no toleration of watering down its invocations.

It's true that it is quite human to seek to control one's environment, just as the parent tries to control the child. The difference with the Islamic whack jobs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, et al is mainly in the level of their brutality toward those who do not share their particular mental affliction.

What a pitiful crop of miscreants has been raised in once-proud Persia. The Mullahs and their lackeys have tortured, raped and executed hundreds of little girls and little boys out of their abject fear of losing control. They are to be ridiculed and despised among men as the wretched, miserable, and entirely loathsome creatures that they are.

How do the Islamists prey upon their victims? For one, Islam is stamped on the impressionable mind of the child from birth. The parents and immediate members of the family are the ones who make the very first impressions on the tabula rasa of the young mind. These early impressions are the grid-work for further formation of the person’s mind and belief system. It is by far easier, as life goes on, to incorporate “items” that readily fit into the grid-work, than to modify it or dismantle it altogether and begin anew. It is in recognition of the importance of early training and education that people such as Saint Augustine and Freud considered the first few years of life as critical for molding the person.

It is some consolation; however, to realize that there are many practicing religions who are willing to stand up to the extremists, even at their own great peril. It is also quite human to fight against control and domination. However, marrying Islam with government is stoking fire with explosives. That is what the Islamic Republic of Iran currently represents.

In free democracies, governments are accountable to the people and serve at the people’s pleasure. In Islamic theocracy, governments are accountable only to Allah and the people must serve at the pleasure of the government. And one can see the result of Islamic total or partial rule in eighteen or so countries which rank among the highest nations of the world on every index of misery.

Other problems arise. Liberty, deeply cherished by democracies, is replaced by submission—unquestioning obedience and adherence to the dictates and precepts of the all-knowing and all-wise Allah. It is this total form of submission that, among other things, prompted the Muslims to systematically burn libraries of the lands they invaded. They justified their actions by contending that the Quran, the comprehensive unerring book of Allah, contained all perfect knowledge that humanity needs. To this day, in places where Islam rules, many books are banned, newspapers and magazines are systematically either censored or shut down, and other non-print media are methodically blocked.

The contempt for free inquiry is encapsulated in the statement of Muhammad, “Al-elmo noghtatan katharoho al-jaheloon”—Knowledge is only one dot, expanded by the ignorant.

Once one submits to the will of Allah, liberty is surrendered for submission and a host of serious consequences present themselves. The individual becomes little more than a passive obedient vessel of Allah and his perspective of himself and life drastically changes. Once he submits to the all-powerful, all-knowing then he is absolved of the responsibility of having to chart his own way in life.

There is considerable allure in submission to a power that is willing and able to take care of the person. It is not a bad arrangement. The problem is that all past claimants have invariably been proven as either fraud or failures in honoring their part of the bargain. Islam is no exception. A cursory glance is enough to show the condition of Muhammad’s flock. In spite of huge material wealth, Muslims in the oil-rich countries are imprisoned in the paralyzing mentality of submission and all the terrible ancillaries that go with it.

Islam certainly has taken on a predominant role in Europe. It has become so prominent there that the most senior judge in England has blessed the idea of making Shari’a law equal with civil law in some cases.

Comparatively, it is imperative to comprehend that a sadistic person is not after sex, he seeks a sick way of dominance and pain over his victims, he wants to be in control of the action. A person being raped, for example, really has no control over the situation, the subject literally being coerced.

Violence, weapons, injury, or torture fascinates a sadistic person just as it fascinates an Islamist. Both enjoy getting their subjects (be it humans or animals) to do what they want them to do by frightening them through a series of intimidation, fear and terror. Both take pleasure in the psychological or physical suffering of others.

This is exactly how the Islamists have been ruling over a peaceful and sophisticated country, Iran, for 30 years. They have completely restricted the activity and independence of the people of Iran. In the cycle of prison horrors and terrors, the Islamic Republic of Iran uses many old Soviet techniques, ranging from harassment, intimidation and tortures, to mechanical devices designed to inflict gross tissue damage. They employ psychological and physiological techniques, (an example is Ziba Kazemi's case, an Iranian-Canadian journalist), such as solitary confinement and sleep deprivation. The Islamic Republic’s lackeys are commonly using these techniques on the Iranian youth while the Islamic Republic dreams of world Shi’a domination.

In short, the Islamists want to have control over their subjects during one’s entire life. This is exactly how the Prophet of Islam controlled his army of followers. The campaign of death waged by the jihadist, be a puppet or a puppeteer, is energized by the belief of delectable rewards that await the faithful implementer of Allah’s dictates.

Through a highly effective indoctrination, the jihadists have come to believe firmly in Islam’s grand delusion. They believe that Allah is the one and only supreme creator of earth and heavens, that it is his duty and privilege to abide by Allah’s will and carry out his plans at all costs. He believes firmly in a gloriously wonderful immortal afterlife in paradise, for which a martyr’s death is the surest quickest admission. Although the dominating theme of the delusion is quasi spiritual, the promised rewards of the afterlife awaiting the martyr are sensual and material. All the things and activities that the jihadist desires and cannot attain or practice, and rejects in his earthly life will be purified and proffered to him in the paradise of the next life. Thus goes the delusion.

The pundits, the analysts and the politicians indeed are doing a great disservice to the public, each segment for its own expedient reasons, by parroting the mantra regarding the peaceful nature of Islam. By hiding the truth, they disarm people about a great danger to their livelihood. In fact, the so-called small band of Islamic extremists is the true face of Islam.

You must demand that politicians, Islamic apologists, and paid-for media do not abuse freedom by lying about Islam. When these people portray Islam as a religion of peace, they are lying through their teeth. Just take a quick look at Islam’s history as well as what is happening today in the Islamic lands. Islam is not a religion of peace and it has never been. Islam is violent, oppressive, racist, and irrational at its very core. It is treachery for people to present it as otherwise, either out of ignorance or because of their own personal reasons.

Require that the large number of recent arrival Muslims be carefully vetted for their terrorism and Jihadist backgrounds and beliefs. Many recent arrivals from places such as Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan come as refugees and bring with them their pathological anti-American system of belief. It is criminal to admit these refugees without demanding that they completely renounce their allegiance to the hate dogma of Islam. Those diehard devotees of Islam should make any of the eighteen or so Islamic countries home, rather than invade the secular societies and aim to subvert them.

Many European countries are already on the verge of capitulation to the Islamists. The Supreme Guide of terror in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, confidently proclaimed recently that Europe will be Islamic in a dozen years. He has good reason to say that. Muslims are forming states within states in many European towns and cities. In Britain, for instance, non-Muslims are in serious danger entering Muslim neighborhoods.

The concern is not with individual Muslims who live as solid citizens in democratic societies. They may have developed a taste for the freedom democracy bestows or have simply learned to tolerate it. Our concern is with the gathering Islamic storm from the heart of Islamdom. To truly appreciate Islam, you must experience firsthand Islam in power. Take a quick trip to the lands of the Muslims and find out for yourself how horribly they treat the non-Muslims, even the, “People of the book,” Jews and Christians. Try to have a Bible study group or build a church in Saudi Arabia and discover the benevolence of Islamic rule.

Folks, this is a battle for survival that every one of us can help wage. Let us get on with it before, if not you, then your children and grandchildren end up under the barbaric rule of the Jihadists and Shari’a law. All the excuses, grievances and reasons given for savagery of the jihadists and Islamofascists are side issues. Islam is about terror, punishment, control and domination.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr. King Never Asked...

CNN’s king of the talk-show hosts and the icon of one of the major television networks, Larry King, hosted an interview on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 with the devil himself. Many Iranians felt completely betrayed by Mr. King’s line of questioning. They felt that Mr. King was missing key questions. I am not advocating a hostile interview here, but how could Mr. King allow Ahmadinejad to easily dance away. It seemed he was deliberately making Ahmadinejad look and act like a human being.

As the old saying goes, "There's no such thing as a stupid question." However, in the minds of many Iranians as well as many non-Iranians, there is such a thing, and Mr. King lost huge points with his line of questioning. Yet, valid questions remain about media performance and the role of public communication practitioners in shaping perception. The role of media is not to impose self-censorship and avoid critical questions.

It is hard to digest how the liberal media has singlehandedly, in a matter of three short days, managed to make Ahmadinejad look statesmanlike. Mr. Ahmadinejad was given a forum to reiterate his deception, repeatedly. Larry King would not even say that he himself is Jewish and that he supports Israel. He looked very mesmerized by the presence of this evil man who is responsible for the death and misery that exists in Iran. He did not contradict Ahmadinejad, did not show him up. He allowed him to make points to undermine the existence of the friendship between Israel and the United States.

Ahmadinejad’s utterance on Tuesday echoed the past remarks he has made, including calls to annihilate Israel and threats to the U.S. and other countries that support Israel. On September 18, 2008, he said, “the Zionist regime is a regime that will disappear.” But, I have news for him, most Iranians believe that the Islamic Republic is an illegitimate regime and must soon disappear. On February 28, 2007, he said, “Zionists are the true incarnation of Satan.” Ironically, most Iranians believe that Ahmadinejad is the Satan and does not represent the Iranian people any more than his turbaned-colleagues presently ruling Iran do. What needs to be understood is that in fact Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs, above all else, are true Muslims and despise anything “Iranian” and its ancient “pre-Islamic” heritage.

When Mr. King asked him about his statement last year that there are no homosexuals in Iran, Ahmadinejad replied, that it is not the way it is here. It’s disliked in Iran. Then he asked Mr. King if he were concerned for 70 million Iranian people or a few homosexuals.

Mr. King should have asked how many homosexuals he has hanged this year and instead of asking him how many children he has, he should have asked him how many children he has hanged in the four years he’s been in office.

Mr. King missed an opportunity to ask him why he is so interested in securing Palestinian rights, while he is denying such rights to the Iranians. Why does he want a referendum for the Palestinian people to decide their own destiny, while he refuses the same to 7o million desperate and unhappy Iranians.

Over the years, much of the world has been preoccupied with its own problems and shown little concern for the plight of the Iranian people until the Mullahs installed a firebrand Islamist, Ahmadinejad, as the President of the country. This man, called “The Monkey,” by many Iranians is now alarming the world by being at the control of the Islamofascist train and throttling it full speed ahead for a cataclysmic collision. Ahmadinejad and his gang are loading their guns and doing all they can to obtain the bomb to bring about the biggest and most dreadful death that would usher in the “Mahdi”, their savior-ruler of the world.

In dealing with the mullahs ruling Iran, what you see is not what you get, and what you hear is not what they mean. Transparency and honesty are not their strong suit. So, we need a first-rate understanding of the Mullahs to see through their smoke-and-mirrors, as well as beyond their twisted tongues into their warped brains.

* Mr. King never asked why the Islamic Republic has been denying and violating a long-suffering people of all its human rights. They are guilty of beating, imprisoning and torturing hundreds of women who braved participating in a peaceful demonstration pleading for equal family rights, on the recent International Day of Women. This regime has systematically beaten, imprisoned, and tortured all manner of citizens, from school teachers to students to union workers, for daring to raise their voices against the plight to which they have subjected them.

* Mr. King never asked about an Islamic regime that has savagely beaten and hauled to its dungeons of torture and death over a thousand of the tens of thousands of teachers who last year gathered in front of the parliament requesting nothing more than their back pay and living wages.* He never asked why they have directed systematic genocidal measures against all non-Shi’a religious minorities, with Baha'is as their prime target. They arrest some Christians -- whom even their Quran calls "People of the Book” -- for observing Christmas.

* He never asked why they have implemented barbaric practices of stoning, hanging and amputations for those who are convicted of crimes in their kangaroo courts without any due process. They even imprison those few lawyers who rise in the defense of the innocent.* He never asked why they have plundered, mismanaged and doled out Iran's national wealth with the result that the great majority of the people are living in poverty. They have forced the Iranian women into prostitution to survive or simply are sold as sex slaves in Persian Gulf states.

* He never asked why they spend a fortune on the nuclear program that they claim is only aimed for peaceful purposes, while turning Iran into little more than a gas station nation, with its precious oil wealth squandered and its facilities on the verge of collapse through neglect. They have created a suffocating social atmosphere that has driven masses of the people to the use of hard drugs as a way of numbing their pain.

* He never asked why they look far and wide to support any and all terrorists. The Islamic Republic’s delusional theology mandates the creation of horrific conditions in the world so that the Hidden Imam is compelled to appear and establish his rule.* He never asked why they spared no efforts at sabotaging any settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis. They arm and train all Palestinian factions such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and any and all that come.

* He never asked why they direct similar criminal schemes on their eastern flank, in Afghanistan. They consider any democratic system as the enemy of Islamofascism, and rightfully so. They have worked ceaselessly to expand Iran's stolen funds, and do all they can in support of Shi’a co-fascists Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Islamic Republic’s hands are dripping with the blood of thousands of Iraqis, victims of its bloodthirsty kin mercenaries aiming to kill a budding democracy in Iraq next door. They have supplied and continue to supply their mercenaries with armor-piercing projectiles for killing and maiming the coalition forces in Iraq. They are cowardly killing by proxy, using these roadside-planted bombs that have taken the lives of hundreds of Americans.

A final quote from the Ayatollah Khomeini, the founding father of the Islamic Revolution, should suffice since his words are still considered authoritative in Iran, and Ahmadinejad has been following his mentor’s words and deeds since Khomeini hijacked a peaceful and civilized nation:

“We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

Could Mr. King asked a more probing question than how many children he has and what is his stand on homosexuality? What a colossal parody!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Iran makes it a capital offence to change faith

Saturday, 20th September 2008. 4:28pmBy: George Conger.The Iranian parliament has passed the first reading of a bill that imposes the death penalty on Muslims who convert to another faith. By a vote of 196 to seven, with two abstentions, the Majlis passed the “Islamic Penal Law” bill on Sept 9.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Internet Repression In Iran

The promise of the internet is the free flow of information and ideas – at the touch of one’s fingertips. The appeal of that promise is obvious among Farsi speakers. In 2004, a survey found that Farsi was the fourth most popular language of bloggers on the internet. And internet usage in Iran has been steadily increasing. The press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders calculates that in 2004 there were just over one million internet users inside Iran; today it says, that number has climbed to eighteen million.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tarring Sarah Palin

The left lost not a minute in tarring Sarah Palin after McCain selected her as his running mate. Of course they had to be careful—very careful. As hard as they worked, they couldn’t dig up anywhere near as much dirt on this outstanding self-made governor than they have all along covered up for their darling Obama.